Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Machinima of Promise

Machinima takes a long time to make. I today received a tip on a new machinima film, "Bloodspell" Episode 1 that has been "three years in the making". A "feature-length film" (forty minutes or longer, although most features today run over ninety minutes) to be released online in 5-7 minute episodes every two weeks until complete. It is directed by Hugh Hancock and grapples with "a story of punk fantasy world, where the Blooded, tainted by the magic in their blood, are ruthlessly persecuted by the "Church Of The Angels". Episode 1 runs for just over 8 minutes. It shows promise and I suppose that is the idea, but the actual content is, shall we say, limited. Like watching the first 8 minutes of any film...Who knows what it is about? The production is good, and this is what engages me. It was made with Neverwinter Nights (an interesting choice) and the camera angles are fluid and suggestive of the dialogue and action. I especially like the 'looking through the keyhole effect' as one character (and we the viewers) watch a impending human sacrifice. I thought violence would be the mainstay of the episode, but it is tempered with some emotional content and dialogue between characters that suggests there is a lot more to learn about the heavy-set outlaws.
I shall keep downloading.

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