Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Game of Navigation"

Launching of Netfilmmakers' 7. Edition "Game of Navigation" the 29th of april 2006.
New works by Sashiko Hayashi (Japan/Sweden), Enda O'Donoghue (Ireland/Germany)
and Malene Nors Tardrup (Denmark).
Curated by Iben Bentzen
"the key feature of computer space is its navigability".
Lev Manovich, Language of New Media

The navigation possibilities on the internet seem infinite. Like a network of highways. A navigation in information. link, link, pick a link.
In the computer game you navigate through levels, through what seems like rooms, through the virtual of the reality. Turn, turn make a turn. Perhaps the key feature of the computerspace is not that different from the key feature of life:
a Game of Navigation.
Artist talk in Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art, Overgaden neden Vandet 17, 1414 Cph K,
Saturday the 29th of april 2006
At 18:00-21:00.

Digital SoundScape by Jonas Olesen and Morten Riis.

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