Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"Codifications are not slogans; they are cognizable objects, challenges towards which the critical reflection of the decoders should be directed."
Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire.

I’m spending a bit more time at home lately (not much but a bit more) during the day. There are many distractions at home (internet surfing, music and pleasure reading to name but a few) but there are fewer people to talk to than at uni (none actually) so the onus is on me to get down and do some work. I'm reading Friere for International Issues in Education and the parallels to be found with Bakhtin are many. Both philosophers use the concepts of thematics and dialogue as central in their methodology. Reality as a process not as a function and what Freire calls Cognitive and Narrative and what Bakhtin calls Centripetal and Centrifugal language forces acting on the interlocker are found in the work of both. Slowly themes are being connected toward my own methodology...a most interesting process.
Activities for this week include being a co-coordinator for a seminar "Testing Virtual Worlds" (I liked 'Living in Virtual Worlds' better) in HUMlab on Thursday. On Friday I’m playing at a Forengings Massa (Associations Conference) at Umea Folkets Hus and I’m also turning 35 years old (WWHHHHHOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!). I’m playing again on Saturday and as I'm a sole parent for five days beginning tomorrow I may utilize the child as performer (incredible sense of rhythm the boy has but terrible attention span). Let the games begin...

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