Thursday, February 26, 2004

Snowing again here....many thought last week that Spring was not so distant and then pow...30 cms of snow in 24 hours....Tuesday we had a workshop on "Affordances of Connectivity and Communication: A Dance Thru Cultural Texts" by the fantanstic Truna which combined many areas of interest for me: reading visual images, constructions in technological interfaces (these web browsers are so boxed in it drives me crazy!!!), narrative beyond the boundaries of the text (context) and cultural and gender readings.....this continued yesterday with a workshop on active design....fascinating working in groups and projecting ideas thu cross cultural formats. It was a great day which continued on with a visit to the Umea Design School where we (Truna, Magnus and I) presented HUMlab to a small group of students and techers there. It is a great school, very popular (150 applications for 10 places in postgrad course)with a high standard of work produced. We were shown around and saw a 3D printer, a mould cutting machine and a digital 3D modelling set up.....I would like to implement some of the point 3D modelling techniques with world design using the ReachIn machine we have in HUmlab...a plan fo the future.

Speaking of future I have made a webpage for the musical collective LIVJA to attempt to get some gigs in the coming summer. There is a concert from the band linked there and an Mp3 I made with the Funk Service International collective from Skelleftea, plus info about the other memebers of the band and links to their sites.

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