Thursday, March 11, 2004

Will Code 4 Food

I find this an ironic image. A frightening possibility in a world of the educated poor but then the humor emerges from deep within our indoctrinated faith that somehow technology is going to solve problems of resource allocation and this image is illogical and therefore humorous (surprising, non-sensical). I’m reading allot of John Dewey at the moment (Democracy and Education....although dated 1916 it rocks) and it seems that the problems don't reside necessarily in content but rather structure. What little research I've done on the structure of information flows on the internet seems to reinforce this observation. Please read Mapping Cyberspace by Martin Dodge and Robert Kitchin (Routledge 2001) as a very good explanation of some of the contexts and power structures of this so-called IT society/revolution/future.
Of course as an individual involved in this mass electronic hallucination we all love this is also a possible future scenario for me.