Friday, March 05, 2004

Today is my Birthday.....well it was in fact yesterday as the actual event occurred in Australia which has twelve hours time zone difference (ahead) from where I live so I read tomorrows copy of The Sydney Morning Herald today. Another strange thing about my Birthday is that I did not actually see a copy of my birth certificate until I was about 21 years old and that stated that my birthday was on the 4th March 1969....I have never asked my parents about this as I'm happy with the 5th March as a birthday (I share it with Rosa Luxemburg) and I suppose it doesn't make any difference as I remain born and roughly the same age. A friend in Australia discovered last year that she was two years younger than she always believed herself to be. When her mother, whom she rarely spoke to, told her she was born on a deserted tropical beach in the north of Australia when her mother was 16 years old. The cover-up that was devised after the birth by the mothers family resulted in the story that she was 18 years old when her first daughter was born.....hence the two year discrepancy that did not come to light until the daughter was 30 years old and then suddenly 28 years old. Time is just a matter of perspective.
happy birthday to was a great day.....played music, gave away music....made a cake for my son who has claimed the 5th as his birthday (I remember it as April 14th)....spoke for a long time to my stressed sister (psychologist working in state run child protection, Forensic: the people who pick up the pieces literally and metaphorically) my dad and my mum...all sounded well and happy and it looks like i'm GOING TO OZ FOR FOUR WEEKS SOON..........YYYIIIIPPPPPEEEEE (of course i will miss family and friends here but.......well any immigrants reading will understand).see ya

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