Saturday, December 27, 2003

Christmas is done....the sky is I sit...far away......
The essay.....should I call it a thesis...sounds so up to 12 000 words and holding together in semi-logical sequence (a good sign) have a few more weeks to finish it off. It is entilted:Chronotope and Cybertexts: Bakhtinian Theory for Tracing Sources of Narrative in Interactive Virtual Environments: From Naked Lunch to Fast City
sort of rolls off the tongue....No?
and then there is music....on the 24th of january I will be performng as a support freak for The Spacious Mind (Swe) and Black Forest Black Sea (USSA) as Psychedelic Digeridoo at the Lille Theatre here in Umea------- should be interesting......will be constructing a soundscape centred around recordings I made in India in 1996 along with didgeridoo, effects and perhaps mouth harp. From the 2nd-7th February 2004 I shall be playing with the band LIVJA at the 399th Jokkmokk Sámi Winter market in Lappland. That will be a good time....30 000 people coming togther in the pagan forests of the north of Sweden.
The future looks a bit uncertain at the moment as I am coming to the end of study and will have to look a bit harder if I am to find the Ph.D of my dreams...will begin applying everywhere in january...even Australia!!!!!!!!!
In the meantime there is a CD coming out to coincide with the Spacious Mind concert which I should get to work on now...See ya

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