Saturday, December 06, 2003

Yesterday I stopped for lunch sometime around midday...not sure with the sun abscent from our northern skies at the moment...Purchased a sandwich and beverage from the outlet and sat down near a window to consume......along came five local swedish flickor (girls)...ranging in age between 17 and 20 I'd say...chatting under the blonde locks....innocence in every eye...they sat around me en masse and continued the non-stop stream of bubbly chat....I tuned into the words...most enlightening...they were speaking about how good it is to eat meat is delicious...grilled horse, can't get enough of the stuff.....I was raised with horses and between birth and the age of 18 I had pretty much daily contact with our equine kin and the thought of eating one frankly turns my stomach.....I equate it with eating my cousin... Nobody but the poorest vagabond eats horse in Australia....these chicks then turned to their planned activities for the evening and it was the general intention with bellies full of horse flesh to proceed to Kafé Blå Kök och Bar where they would find some meat to rub, nibble and suck on for the evening in the form of boys.....these are the days of our lives......Jim

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