Friday, December 05, 2003

The Blogging revolution continues and with the growth (strange metaphor) of MoBlogging (Mobile Web Logging) I am formulating a plan for next year......I will not reveal it here but it could be a winner as the used to say on wheel of fortune (has anyone seen the fine Australian film Angel Baby...the wheel is sending messages...... The purpose of this occaisional entry.....due to the complete madness of my schedule at the moment (every time I sit next to a computer I have something to do..Charlie Don't Surf) to attach the three cybertexts I am using (and recomending) in my thesis for this term.....and here they are:
1. The Body Politic by Jennifer Ley
2. Fidgit by Kenneth Goldsmith and Clem Paulsen
3. Fast City by Don Boscoe

All will be revealed in this department by the middle of jan 2004...back to work you swine....AAAHHHHHHHHH

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