Friday, January 02, 2004

The holiday was alright.....a swedish christmas: vegan patté, preserved fish, hams and reindeer meat ( for the non-vegetarians) alcohol (wife's family non-drinkers).....restrained present opening and polite reserved conversation......very different from my own childhood experiences but not bad........rang my family in Australia: hot summer day...chaotic chatter in the background as the phone is passed around between the three actual family members present sharing the meal among the three or four others who have 'dropped by' to eat and brother mixing pina coladas and my father drunk on red wine......animals in the house and the dog given the telephone at one stage (dog recognises my voice and preforms strange roll over ritual of greeting)......can almost sense the olive golden glow of the Australian summer....I will never be anything other than Australian...
And then there is the new year......fireworks with my son of almost 4 years beside himself with the snap crackle and pop of the rockets and other rainbow bright devices as anonomous bundles of clothing stand in the snowy darkness heads turned high toward the glowing lights in descent....not bad either...mainly for the boy's broad grin and glowing eyes........onward to 2004:
Continuing with the thesis and the building of the 3D world in Adobe Atmosphere, have almost finished both.

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