Thursday, July 25, 2013


"For All the Wild Things I Knew Died"

Paint yourself and sing to the moon
For you do not live twice
And this joke will only last as long
As you are laughing.

I am bound to my sin
The mistakes like a cloak of trash
I drag across the deck
Of my deserted barge.

And at the darkest hour
I shall go to the lonely wood
Take out my blunted blade
And share my blood with the wind.

Here I cling to the half forgotten dream
The shadow of her passing and the echo of her voice
Singing in the mad high branches of the blown oak
As the dark water gathers about our standing stone.

Watch the wall fall and the loon laugh
The birds depart for sanctuary south
While plague takes the healthy
And madness the sane.

The laws of crows are shattered
This is your ticket to freedom
Your dream of forever wishing
I woke up wrapped in laughter weeping
Forgetting what language was for.


Stockholm July 2013.

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