Sunday, October 25, 2009

There are Always Videos

Things have not been exactly hectic on this blog in recent months. Doing the final stages of a PhD thesis is cutting into my time to write about anything else. However, I have no intention of giving up blogging. In fact in recent weeks I have been reawakened to the amazing opportunities and learning experiences that blogging makes possible. At the same time, it is time that restricts my ability to produce content here. I have a lot of ideas (too many) but bringing them to form and fruition is not something I can invest in at the moment. This has resulted in an increased focus on my Vlog. Video blogging is not logocentric in the same way a written journal-type blog is. Blogging videos is quick and there is no end of inspirational films on the net. So, I urge any readers of this blog who have found some resonance with what I am concerned with and their own interests to check out Soul Vlog. Here is a taste of my taste in the moving image;

9 is a computer animated short film by Shane Acker released in 2005 as a student project. Tim Burton saw the film and was so impressed by its artistic vision that he went on to produce an almost feature-length adaptation called 9 (2009), directed by Acker and distributed by Focus Features.

A lot more is HERE

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