Saturday, October 03, 2009

Recomended Media for First Snows

Wake Up!!!! yes, I am still here. The good ol PhD thesis has now taken over my life. It seems I am in the home straight, full gallop straight ahead. Allez Allez!! Life will not be normal until midsummer, July 2010. I have so much work to do it makes me dizzy thinking about it. But I shall prevail. Here are few things I found on the web in recent days.

Magic Carpathians Radio Last fm The Magic Carpathians Project web radio: excellent stuff.

UbuWeb Sound - Toshimaru Nakamura Toshimaru Nakamura has been producing electronic music on self-named "no-input mixing board," after long unhappy years with the electric guitar. The name describes the method of his music. "No" external sound source is connected to "inputs" of the "mixing board." Mostly an improviser, occasionally a composer for dancers, an instrumentalist for compositions.

Black Eye Records Jukebox: Schadenfreude - Lubricated Goat Lubricated Goat was formed by Stu Spasm (real name Stuart Grey). Upon returning from England, Spasm went to Perth to visit with Singing Dog drummer Brett Ford who was then playing in The Kryptonics with Peter Hartley.

While in Perth, Stu recorded side one of what later became the Plays The Devil’s Music EP at No Sweat Studios with Ford and Hartley. Side two was recorded in Adelaide on a 4-track with drummer Martin Bland (Bloodloss/Salamander Jim).

Lubricated Goat signed to Red Eye Records offshoot Black Eye Records. The band soon relocated to Sydney where Stu had previously met Guy Maddison of the Greenhouse Effect (now in Mudhoney) in Perth, Maddison now living in Sydney was offered the opportunity to play bass for Lubricated Goat. The majority of the band lived on Cleveland Street in an old run-down three-story mansion which was soon dubbed "Gracelands." The house was a creative haven for musicians and artists that were known to host art shows and nude discos. These events were less common than they were reputed to be.

Time Has Told Me: Parrenin, Fromont, Lefebvre Musiciens Emmanuelle Parrenin : vielle à roue, épinette des Vosges, chant Philippe Fromont : violon, alto, violoncelle, sarangui, ganza, zarb, cymbale, chant Claude Lefbvre : guitare, mandole, violoncelle, tampoura, cymbale, chant.

The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music Download an MP3 featuring two tracks performed by The Master Musicians of Joujouka (as featured in this month's Global Ear) recorded live at the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival in Joujouka/Jajouka 29 July 2008. The performance began exactly forty years to the hour from when Brian Jones recorded The Master Musicians in 1968. The resulting LP Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka was the first release on Rolling Stones Records in 1971

» PHTC019 / L’eau du robinet – God is a Hippie L’eau du robinet AKA Cristopher Pokora is a Poland-based producer exploring actually the musical fields between jazzy dope beats and exotic collage sample puzzles. The work presented here … is like a sunday afternoon visit to some open-field spot, where you can breathe some fresh air while collecting some insects … forget the mirage. Cristopher have is own personal universe growing out is mind and it invites you to take a deep breathe and dive in … you will find some real catchy and rare musical specimens floating out your speakers…make sure you catch every note with the right senses.

Glad I'm Not Famous Comp 1985-2008 with stories of Alien Virus, Acid World, Queer, Act and more... - Star Sludge's MySpace Blog | In the late 1980s and 90s Brisbane, Australia was a hotbed of mad punk musics, venues filled to overflowing with psychedelic contortionists, sellers of unnamed powers, exhibitionist trombonists, collective houses where the walls were painted with the poems of the mad, streets filled with hope-filled telephonists, corrupt police sleeping, unemployed prostitute philosophers, one armed guitarists, free tropical fruits and crowded second hand bookshops where anarchists plotted to overthrow their own minds. This is some of the music that went along with it......

Good night.......

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