Saturday, October 31, 2009

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The week peels away like the back of a Bondi surfer and I am tired but happy. Another thesis chapter was submitted this week. Autumn has flat-lined and winter appears to be ready to enter the scene. Old friends appear on social media sites and others are expected in the flesh in the coming week.
I am ready for free media as I am sure you are as well:

4 Cool Things I Found On the Internet This Week
Hal Blaine - Psychedelic Percussion - 1967 The Most Prolific Dadaist in Golden Age Hollywood
Hal Blaine: Psychedelic Percussion
Failed Pilot for 1967 Dick Tracy TV Series (with Ventures Theme Song)
Gallery of Hand Painted Movie Posters from Ghana

Psychedelic Jukebox: Sadhu Sadhu - 2009 - Live at the Hideout
Sadhu have a Live Album, self-released by the band and/or for free download (see link above). fuzzed out psychedelic rock! the sound quality is not the best, but the music quality is for sure! also have a look on their myspace site:

what i like ( The House Of Fun)
Ladies and gentlemen please Would you bring your attention to me? For a feast for your eyes to see An explosion of catastrophe Like nothing you've ever seen before Watch closely as I open this door Your jaws will be on the floor After this you'll be begging for more Welcome to the show Please come inside Things I like Music Wrestling Chilling Partying sex and You.

Howard Rheingold's Vlog
One of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. He has a vlog. His name is Howard.

What's in my Ipod
Incredible collection of the obscure and pure. Excellent Mp3 blog.

The Women of the Avant-Garde / Avant-Garde All the Time : The Poetry Foundation
Sound clips from Kathy Acker, Laurie Anderson, Caroline Bergvall, Denise Levertov, Lydia Lunch, Patti Smith, Eileen Myles, and many more.

Angus MacLise (1938-1979) Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda (1968) Brain Damage in Oklahoma City (rec. 1968-1972) and from Aspen No. 9
Angus MacLise (Bridgeport, Connecticut, March 4, 1938 - Kathmandu, Nepal June 21, 1979) was an American percussionist, composer, poet, occultist and calligrapher probably best known as the first drummer for the Velvet Underground. MacLise was a member of La Monte Young's Theater of Eternal Music, with John Cale, Tony Conrad, Marian Zazeela and sometimes Terry Riley. He contributed to the early Fluxus newspaper VTre, edited by George Brecht, and was also an early member of The Velvet Underground, having been brought into the group by flatmate John Cale when they were living at 56 Ludlow Street.

Comets on Fire. The Black Cassette

The Comets On Fire "Black Cassette". This sucker is so rare and forgotten I didn't even give it a catalog release number on my Silver Currant label when we made them. Just its number out of 21 made. Most often in Comets, Noel or I would make these at 2:30 am the night before heading out on tour and we'd just pull old rehearsal recordings from out of a box of hundreds that we have and find a couple killer 20 minute free jams and dub one on each side and there you go. So that's what this is. The cover is made of black lightweight construction paper, the comet symbol is burned into the paper by bleach, the Comets title is silk screened in gray ink and it was numbered in pencil.

Its not where you think it is.........

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