Thursday, November 20, 2008

Talan Memmott in HUMlab

The Topic of the Seminar: In[ter]venting Multi-Modal Rhetoric(s)/(a) Poetics of Emergence

A Portrait of Selves

Yesterday I attended two seminars in HUMlab, one on fan fiction, which was very interesting but primarily focusing on pedagogy and younger authors (not really my scene), and one on digital poetics. The second of these (which was actually the first in the order of the day) has been making me think since I attended it. Talan Memmott presented a word and image performance with a basis in critical theory, art and design (although he is no fan of the last term). When I was actually listening to the seminar I found some of it difficult to follow, dense and intense at the same time. But then afterwards we adjourned to the pub with a chance for chat I (drank very little and) went back over the talk and began to realize how close much of it was to the area I am working with in my own research. As a result, today I have felt a renewed sense of focus in my thesis writing (I managed a page today, not bad considering I only started working on it a 16:00..a long story, single parenthood continues for another 24 hours).
I have spent the last few days in a bit of a confused state about how to finish a chapter I have been (re)working on for a month now. Talan's wild imagery and persistent questioning of the possibilities helped me see what it is I am trying to say.
If you want to see the seminar here is the link to it.

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meika said...

thanks again, I'm only 13 minutes in but will try and watch the rest of it right after typing this narciscystic comment