Saturday, November 22, 2008

Media for Calm Waters

My other half has arrived home from the orient. The cold continues both inside and outside my head. Great events are eventing around the world: the Tibetans are activating, Sweden has passed the Treaty of Lisbon by a parliamentary vote, the USA is changing in the world with a remaining 45% of the global military, the Democratic Republic of the Congo really needs help and in Palestine the struggle continues.
Here is some media to ride out the storm of the now:

Jan Steele / John Cage (MP3s)
Brian Eno's Obscure Records label released only 10 albums during its existence from 1975 through 1978. Some of these have been reissued on CD (among them Eno's own 1975 masterpiece Discreet Music), but for some reason the album Voices and Instruments (Obscure No. 5, 1976) only exists on out-of-print vinyl. It is a very quiet and beautiful record, featuring three compositions by Jan Steele on one side, and five compositions by John Cage on the other side. Lyrics are by James Joyce and E. E. Cummings, performers include Jan Steele, Richard Bernas, Steve Beresford, Fred Frith, Robert Wyatt, and Carla Bley. It is not just mellow, it is avant-mellow...

European Film Archive
Film Treasures safeguarded by important European film archives are finally on the net! Incredible collection of early and important European films. All streamed online and all free. An important site for teaching.

Seventy four albums for free download from the headphonica label. I recomend My Log by Koen Park
There is also a Myspace site.

"Flower Travellin' Band-Anywhere -1970 Japan"

Flower Travellin' Band are an influential Japanese psychedelic heavy rock outfit that was first active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, consisting of Akira "Joe" Yamanaka (vocals), Hideki Ishima (guitar), Joji "George" Wada (drums) and Jun Kozuki (bass). As of January 12th, 2008 they have officially reunited and hired a new member, keyboardist Nobuhiko Shinohara.

Kev Carmody "Cannot Buy My Soul: The Songs of Kev Carmody"
2 CD Tribute Set (2006)
The songs and song order are identical on each of the CDs although, of course, the cover artists have their own interpretations. The cover artists are all popular and award-winning Australian performers (listed with the track list below) but, if you must choose, then I strongly recommend that you get CD2 with the originals.

Kevin Daniel Carmody is an Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter born in 1946 in Cairns, Queensland. His father was a second generation Irish descendant, his mother a Murri woman. The family moved to southern Queensland in early 1950. Carmody grew up on a cattle station near Goranba, 70km west of Dalby in the Darling Downs area of south eastern Queensland. His parents worked as drovers there, moving cattle along the stock routes. When he was ten years old, Carmody was taken from his parents under the assimilation policy and sent to a Christian school, after which he returned to his rural roots and worked for seventeen years as a country labourer.
At the age of 33 Carmody had the opportunity to go to university where he attended the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, at which he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honours. He later undertook postgraduate studies and completed a Diploma of Education from the University of Queensland, eventually finishing a PhD. While at university Carmody used his guitar as a means of implementing oral history in tutorials, which led to his career in music.
His first album, Pillars of Society, was released in 1989 and drew heavily upon country music and folk music styles. Australian Rolling Stone described the record as "the best album ever released by an Aboriginal musician and arguably the best protest album ever made in Australia". In subsequent recordings he has adopted a broad range of music styles from reggae to rock and roll.

British National Party (BNP) membership list Nov 2008 (download torrent) - TPB

Leaked membership list of the British right-wing party, the BNP (British National Party). Leaked in November 2008, believed to date from late 2007. Includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, occupation details and membership comments. Ten thousand members of the BNP spread, strangely enough, across the world. Knowing who these people are is perhaps a step towards understanding the retrograde politics of isolation preached by the BNP.

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