Friday, November 14, 2008

Space and Place in Architexture

I gave a lecture yesterday on Space and Place in Architexture for the Museum Studies course I have been working with. I made a long blog entry for the session on my teaching blog Augmented Reality. Accessible from the link are such gems as

"The power a place such as a mere room possesses determines not only where I am in the limited sense of cartographic location but how I am together with others (i.e. how I commingle and communicate with them) and even who we shall become together. the "how" and the "who" are intimately tied to the "where", which gives to them a special content and a coloration not available form any other source. Place bestows upon them "a local habitation and a name" by establishing a concrete situatedness in the common world. This emplacement is as social as it is personal. The ideolocal is not merely idiosyncratic or individual; it is also collective in character." Edward S. Casey, Getting Back into Place: Towards a New Understanding of the Place-World. (23)

Over on Augmented Reality there are images, a couple of videos, lots of quotes and a great map:

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