Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My First Cafe Session

I am sitting in a cafe doing some work with a drink and wireless Internet. A band is getting ready to do a sound check. I have some colleagues who rejoice in the cafe environment for working. I have always been skeptical as I have found peace and quiet helpful. But it appears I was mistaken. While there is quite a bit going on around me, I feel actually quite centered and the action in cafe is sort of soothing. As I will be in Paris next week, I may take up cafes in a professional sense there, and continue with it as a working environment. Maybe not a thesis writing space (I need a big desk with lots of books and articles scattered around on it) but the cafe is good for writing an abstract (what I am doing at the moment), blogging, articles, mail, and the sort of smaller scale stuff.
Another drink I think.

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