Thursday, June 05, 2008

Friday Downstreams (A Few Seeds for the Sleeping)

A few pieces of recomeded online media for the weekend. The weather is warm here and the days long, summertime is so fine. - Videos about the psychedelic trance culture
Here you can watch free videos about global awareness , spiritual transformation and psychedelic culture..
We produce documentaries, video interviews, video lectures and workshops, music- & party videos and VJ movies.

Music For Maniacs: MUSIC FOR WEIRDOS
Chris S., a very kind and generous Maniac, has compiled four-count 'em-FOUR cds worth of wonderful tuneage: novelty, outsider, garage rock, celebrities, New Wave oddities, mashups, space age/Moog, and general weirdness, including plenty of songs posted here that have since gone off-line. He put these together just for his friends and fave bloggers, but has agreed to make it available for all y'alls. Be sure to thank him in comments!

WNYC - Music - The Wordless Music Series on WNYC
Four 1-Hour Specials Hosted by Radio Lab’s Jad Abumrad
The Wordless Music Series pairs rock and electronic musicians with more traditional chamber and new music performers, to create an entirely new concert experience. As Wordless Music opens on a new season, WNYC presents four one-hour specials that highlight and underscore the ground-breaking '07-'08 season, hosted by Radio Lab's Jad Abumrad.

Manguina - Ot Azoi
Manguina is an impressive ensemble of musicians specializing in primarily Jewish traditional folk music . I say “primarily” because other world musics tend to blend in occasionally, including Flamenco and other European traditional styles. The thirteen tracks offer both instrumentals and vocals but I find the instrumentals, such as the opening “Dettmar’s freilac” and the title tune to be the most exhilarating. Of the vocal tracks, I really like “Kholem et airs russes” which sounds quite Middle Eastern to me. If you are looking for that Flamenco influence, try “Yo m’enamori d’un aire” or “Cuando el rey Nimrod”. This is an exceptional traditional music album.

Om Shalom Salaam....

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