Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breeding Pixie Stories (an old man remembers)

The Pixies: Where is My Mind (1988)

In 1989 a friend came back from Sydney with a bag full of records. That summer we absorbed them. Meditating on every note. One of those albums that continues (now a CD), almost twenty years later, to be played at my place is The Pixies' Surfer Rosa.
The thing was that we were in this hick town in the hickest state of Australia (Queensland) and we had no idea who The Pixies actually were. The records arrived with our good friend returning from a mission to the big city 1000kms away (older siblings having already escaped the town we lived in) and like some cargo cult we worshiped these records as divine. It was Mudhoney, Butthole Surfers, Green River, Jane's Addiction (plus more) and as mentioned, The Pixies. I remember we decided that The Pixies were Spanish, as they sang in Spanish (well, we thought it was Spanish, we had not heard too much on the Darling Downs). They also seemed a bit deranged (this was Surfer Rosa's producer Steve Albini's fault I think).
I was just thinking about The Pixies today. How we did not know that they were huge in the world outside our town (nobody else seemed to be listening to The Pixies where we lived). We made up stories about other bands we were into as well, to compensate for the total lack of information we had beyond the amazing records we were listening to (this was pre-Internet kids). It was a magic time.
And now we have the Internet. Here is an entire concert by The Breeders (Mp3s) from a few days ago in Boston, featuring Kim Deal, who after seeing Frank Black (also a Pixie) play a long time ago solo (BORING!!) I now believe was the brains behind The Pixies.

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