Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Hermit of the Open Laptop

I have sort of gone into hiding this week. Well physically anyway (I am still blogging and the mobile is on). It is the first week for a long time where I don't have anything booked to do at university. At the same time my youngest son is going to be tested on Wednesday to see if he may be partially deaf (long story..he does not seem to hear so well and it involves a general aesthetic). As well my oldest son is at home for most of the week with a week's 'sport holiday'. Erika (partner, wife, mother to the two already mentioned) is also suffering from a back injury. So I am working at home. Not easy in one sense as there are always other things to do but at the same time I tend to find many distractions at university as well (coffee and biscuits - 'fika' in Swedish, the library, talking to colleagues, writing in my blog, reading RSS, cafes, bookshop, more talking to people and so on). Today I have actually managed to get quite a bit of work done (found some good sources on iteration in narrative, planned out the whole chapter and began revising the first draft of 13 pages). I am writing a thesis chapter on design and implied response in digital literature (Seminar 8th April). It is supposed to deal with the bits of a work of digital literature that contribute to the story but are not directly part of it as language. Like the way sound or the visual layout is used to address the respondent to the text. I am really enjoying it, in fact it is the first chapter so far (my third.......well fourth if you count the first misadventure) where I feel sort of like I know where it is going. How it is going to get there is another matter.

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