Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Culture and computer games: Studying online activities

Today in HUMlab there begins a symposium on video gaming. I am at home not feeling the best - cold snap has wrought havoc with my body (I am a tropical being). Anyway, I am saving my strength and will crawl to HUMlab tomorrow if I have to as there are some excellent seminars being offered as well as a two part workshop on machinima. The time table is online as well there are presentations that will be streamed live online (from a very funky new interface), beginning today at 13:15:

Wednesday the 26th of March
13.15 From social games to social systems, Lecture by Luca Rossi, University of Urbino, Italy

16.15-16.45 Leadership in World of Warcraft, Lecture by Peter Zackariasson, Gothenburg Research Institute, Sweden

Thursday the 27th of March
9.15 Following the White Rabbit: A Comparative Analysis of Identification mechanisms in American McGee’s Alice, Lecture by Jan Van Looy, Umeå University, Sweden

11.00 Identity formation, Lecture by Jessica Langer, Royal Holloway, University of London, England

12.30 Audio as support for gameplay, Lecture by Kristine Jørgensen, University of Bergen, Norway

13.45 Character advancement, game progression and learning, Lecture by Jonas Linderoth, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Friday the 28th of March
10.15 The Cultural Practices of Cheating in Digital Games, Lecture with Mia Consalvo, the School of Media Arts & Studies, Ohio University, USA

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