Monday, January 07, 2008

Visibility Low, Mood Content

I returned to the office this morning with my mind and body still operating on Christmas time. I have been sleeping late and long over the break and did not sleep until 2am last night, only to wake at 7am for a return to 'the real world'. It is not something I have come to terms with yet and it may take a day or two to adjust to. But nonetheless it is great to be back at university. The next six months promise to be most exciting with a 'new' HUMlab opening, two thesis chapters to write (already well planned), teaching, online and offline creative projects and the distant promise of Spring.
This morning's RSS brought me a very interesting post on Floating Prisons, and Other Miniature Prefabricated Islands of Carceral Territoriality at Subtopia:

The deeper I get into it, the more I realize an entire book could probably be written about the subject of floating prisons -– and who knows, maybe in another dream one day I’ll write it –- (there is probably already some magnificent mini opus out there that I have -- for at least the time being -- overlooked) but for now, let’s just settle for a quick and dirty Googleized survey.

I recommend it as a way of putting work into perspective. I may be institutionalised but at least I can go for a walk when I want to.

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