Saturday, January 05, 2008

Friday Downstreams (Lost in the Week)

Friday is over and I even forgot it was Friday. Thats what not going to work does to one. So, anyway I do have recommended media for the first week of 2008 and here it is:

Martin Kippenberger: Greatest Hits
These 20 sound compositions from Martin Kippenberger are good, download them!
Martin Kippenberger (b. 25 February 1953 in Dortmund- d. 7 March 1997 in Vienna) was an influential German artist whose penchant for mischievousness made him the focus of a generation of German enfants terrible including Albert Oehlen and Markus Oehlen, Georg Herold, Dieter Göls, and Günther Förg. His work experimented with polemical ideas; and in a rush to execute every sort of image that occupied his thoughts he made a mark on the art world of the 1990s. The flow of paintings he produced was punctuated with works that were conceptual and often controversial. His obsessive pursuit of polemics often left a trail of offence; he once produced a sculpture of a toad being crucified. His art is related to the German art movement Neue Wilde (de:Neue Wilde). Wikipedia

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
Book Audiofiles and Links

Here you can listen to brief excerpts to some of the works discussed in The Rest Is Noise. There are also links to archives and stories elsewhere on the Internet. Many of the sound samples on these pages are permitted under an ASCAP Internet broadcast license. Special thanks to various publishers and record labels who gave me permission to use their material. Go here for my 20th-century iTunes playlist.


This is an astounding collection of online free music, updated weekly and there is more here than a human being can possibly listen to:
Spotlighting music gems and announcing the latest releases from the world of netlabels and net audio. blocSonic is dedicated to the net-audio phenomenon. We exist for the sole purpose of filtering through the mountains of freely available net-audio. As with anything online, there's a wide range in the quality that's available. Some amazing, some not so
Includes 'Supersize Me' (watch it and you will never eat fast food again), 'Bowling for Columbine' and much more:

At we believe strongly that in order to have a true democracy, there has to be a free flow of easily available information. Unfortunately, many important perspectives, opinions and facts do not make it to our televisions or cinemas (you can watch movies in our media category if you want to know why).
For this reason we decided to start, a site where anyone with an internet connection can watch a movie and educate themselves or simply explore another perspective whenever they want.
Providing films free not only allows anyone to watch a film but it also allows curious people who think they may disagree with a filmmaker to watch a film without worrying that they are giving money to someone who's views they don't agree with.
Everyone that watches a film at should learn something, whether it be a new perspective on a topic or simply understanding how others think. We can say that the vast majority of people that watch our films are glad they do so. also allows independent filmmakers to have their message heard to markets which they wouldn't reach easily.

abjee (aab.gee)Persian slang for sister ... and that’s just what they are - Safoura and Melody Safavi. Backed by a colorful crew of musicians, the two abjee’s present their own original brand of Persian world pop! Their lyrics, often humorous and sometimes rebellious, are written in Farsi, but the expressive groove of the music and the abjees’ dramatic delivery break down all language barriers to create a new synthesis of cultures.

Harun Farocki and the Politics of Found Footage with William Burroughs on Cut-Ups
Harun Farocki has used found footage in innovative ways throughout his career challenging dominant political perspectives with a simple common sense approach to the world. His films are sometimes almost untouched appropriations and others deeply nuanced assemblages that find incredible connections between disparate source materials. He is a humane, empathetic and serious found footage filmmaker who unlike his colleagues has created uncynical films that speak truth to power without being self-righteous. I highly recommend his films Interview, How to Live in the German Federal Republic , Still Life, Videograms of a Revolution, and War at a distance. Below are clips from some films.

The Lost Films of Orson Welles.

Also known as Orson Welles : The One-Man Band. A film feauring Ojar Kodar and the unrealised film projects of Orson Welles. Features excerpts from "The Other Side of the Wind"

Enjoy and back at work on Monday.........when I will start again to remember what day it is.

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