Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Downstreams (back with a vengence)

A week of a sneaky cold that does not make me feel so bad, until I try to do something. I have been forced to rest to try and shake it off but it is a persistent slow strain of some hideous swamp virus. This one is a long one as there has been a lot of time online this week...working as hard as the body allows..Here lies the treasures of the weak:

EARLY CHRISTIANS (Audio Stream Real Media 53 mins)
Wisononsin Public Radio presents a series of discussions on early gnostic christianity, which was rather a different set of beliefs and practices than those followed by the major churches today (check out the psychedlic wonder of the Gospel of Thomas). The final speaker in the series is musician Tori Amos who talks "about reclaiming representatives of the sacred feminine tradition who weren't afraid of their own sexuality."

Arthur Magazine
Can I praise this zine enough? No. It's brilliant. Arthur Issue #27 You can download the complete 64-page magazine as a PDF in three parts. This issue includes:
Photographer Abby Banks drove across America, visiting spaces occupied by groups of youngish refuseniks who've left behind America's grey gridlife. An exclusive excerpt from her new book, PUNK HOUSE...
Erik Davis catches up with SIR RICHARD BISHOP--gypsy picatrix, ex-Sun City Girl and guitarist extraordinaire. Illustration by John Coulthart.
PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE on three new histories from Process Media: Eye Mind: The Saga of the 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound by Paul Drummond, Moondog: The Viking of 6th Avenue by Robert Scotto and The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Source Family by Isis Aquarian.
Bull Tongue" columnists BYRON COLEY & THURSTON MOORE review the latest emanations from the deep underground...


The Bob Dylan Radio Show
Welcome to the all new Dylan Radio Page here at MP3@3pm.
Theme Time Radio Hour has started once again for it's second outing. From September 19th onwards, the shows will be firing out one per week as before and, as before, you will find each episode posted here within a day of the airing on radio in the US.
I hope you continue to enjoy the shows.
Theme Time Radio Hour reflects Bob Dylan's, and very probably producer Eddie Gorodetsky's, deep interest in and knowledge of music. Each episode is an eclectic brew of blues, rockabilly, soul music, bebop, rock-and-roll and pop music, centred around a "theme," with songs from artists as diverse as Patti Page to LL Cool J. Interspersed between the music segments are email readings (scripted rather than mail from actual listeners); old radio station i.d.'s, promos, and jingles; "def poet" poetry recitations; and thoughts from Dylan on the music and musicians, as well as food and drink recipes and other miscellanea related to the themes.

UC Berkley Online Video Archive
Hundreds of lectures from UCB online and free to all-
The University of California, Berkeley is the preeminent public research and teaching institution in the nation. From classic literature to emerging technologies, the curricula of our 130 academic departments span the wide world of thought and knowledge. Supported by the people of California, the university has embraced public service as an essential part of its mission since 1868.

The Parallels Amanac
I havn't been thought this yet but it looks great from the first few screens.

Nanofix machinima
Entire award winning machinima videos for download. Pus stuff about robot experiments, Mars and a blog.

Big Think
The Youtube of people who still read books. Videos on Faith & Beliefs, Identity, Personal History, Inspiration, Life & Death, Love & Happiness, Outlook & the Future, Truth & Justice, Wisdom, Physical, Arts & Culture, Architecture & Design, Art, Dance, Literature, Music, Theater & Film, Business & Economics, History, Media & the Press, Philanthropy, Policy & Politics,2008 Elections, Education, Energy Policy, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Iraq, Rest & Diversions, Food, Science & Technology, Medicine & Biology, Space & Time, The Environment, The Internet and The World.

Prog not Frog. A Site dedicated to Non-mainstream Music from all over the world.
A new Mp3 blog (well new for me). Lots of things, more than you probably need but I recommend The Third Eye - "A Tibetan Initiation" {World} [2000] (Folk New Age) and Some folk and pop music from {Burma-Tibet-Bhutan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan}. Prog not Frog has been under some sort of online harassment for some weeks now. It seems to be some sort of obsessive act against the owners of the blog, who as far as I can see are supplying culture at a time when a very troubled world needs it most.

Beezy Two CDs
Dubstep is big in London at the moment I have heard. Here is a video about Dubstep:

Beezy makes grime and dubstep and gives it away for free:

Beezy - A day in the life
This is the first album ever released from Beezy. Still a wicked album with tunes such as Battle of Religions and Mind of a Serial Killer - all produced by top names in the Grime Scene.
"Welcome to Beezy's space. It's a dark and dirty environment: angry, twisted and morally corrupt, what stands out about it is how vivid it is." - Blackdown

Beezy - A day in the life
Welcome to the second helping from meself, Beezy, "A Day In The Life". I titled it this 'cos as much as the experiences and stories I shared on this project are consistent with my life "they are with yours".
We all go through it as it's the transition of living, pain, joy, neglect, and forgiveness etc - the list is endless. We all encounter the emotions on a daily bop through this walk of life.
We didn't choose it but were giving it. It's a gift some say... well... "fuck that", not me. So if you ave' some spare time on your hands and wanna hear someone elses perspective on things, then feel free to download this album, 'cos as much as I made it for myself, it's also for you, as we all go through "a day in the life".

Johnny Chung Lee > Projects > Wii
Videos of mad experiments with the Wii:
As of September 2007, Nintendo has sold over 13 million Wii game consoles. This significantly exceeds the number of Tablet PCs in use today according to even the most generous estimates of Tablet PC sales. This makes the Wii Remote one of the most common computer input devices in the world. It also happens to be one of the most sophisticated. It contains a 1024x768 infrared camera with built-in hardware blob tracking of up to 4 points at 100Hz. This significantly out performs any PC "webcam" available today. It also contains a +/-3g 8-bit 3-axis accelerometer also operating at 100Hz and an expansion port for even more capability. These projects are an effort to explore and demonstrate applications that the millions of Wii Remotes in world readily support.
Any software on this page is primarily meant for developers and may not run without proper the development tools installed. Downloading and installing this software is at your own risk, and no support or guarantee is provided with this software. The official discussion forums for my wiimote projects can be found here:

We'll Write: Old Moon Face
The first We’ll Write EP is finished, and even though actual real physical CDs aren’t available yet, you can still download it, totally FREE. Here’s the whole thing as a 20mb zip file. Nice guitar based folky pop.

Kenyan Writer Ngugi wa Thiongo speaks to Pambazuka News 18 December 2007
I have read Devil on the Cross and half (of the total 900 pages) of Wizard of the Crow and I think Ngugi wa Thiongo is a great great writer. This audio piece focuses on issues surrounding culture as the first African Union conference on the subject kicks off in Addis Ababa. In this podcast Robtel Pailey from Pambazuka News discusses the importance of language and culture with renowned Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiongo.

In Electronica We Trust Part 2
This one is for the memories, the KLF, Infected Mushroom, Leftfield, and Underworld. The sort of music you don't have the energy to listen to once you have kids but when you are dressed in rags and wondering around India its just the think for the morning chai and smoko. Lots of videos of the beautiful people have been added to the comments section of the page on the other side of the link too......

EN-JOY the time you have.......

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