Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joost Getting Better

When I first downloaded Joost, the TV over Net program, I was not so impressed by the content. I revisited Joost this morning and watched Joe Winston's 1997 documentary The Burning Man:

This movie was shot at the 1995 Burning Man Festival. Its release coincided with a great deal of international press coverage of the festival. Film Festival screenings: 1997 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 1998 Burning Man Film Festival, San Francisco, CA 1998 Around the Coyote Film Festival, Chicago, IL This film has aired on television in France and Denmark.

I enjoyed The Burning Man very much and it restored my hope in Joost; if it can send content that is not easily accessible on cable or regular TV and is not permitted on the video share sites (where it often turns up but does not stay for long) then they may have a chance to capture audience.

If anyone wants to be 'captured' by Joost send me a mail and I can invite you in.....

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