Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Flight Was Achieved this Morning

Almost too busy to blog. This morning on the way to taking my 7 year old to school our bicycles collided at some speed. Silas was sent face first into the asphalt and I was airborne. We returned home with me carrying him. I think he is alright, some grazing to the side of his face. He is asleep now but I am watching for signs of concussion (sleeping being one of them). Apart from that drama it is university full power. I was up until 1am last night and have completed 14 pages of the first draft to my thesis introduction and will give it to my supervisor today as he is in town. It will be our first face to face meeting since June. I have a meeting with Kerstin Munck,associate professor in literature at Umeå University, today about a seminar we will be having on digital literature in HUMalb. Also involved is Jan Van Looy, who I met for the first time yesterday, the co-author of Close Reading New Media and now a postdoctoral fellow at HUMlab. Exciting times in HUMlab. On Thursday I leave for Stockholm and the M3 Interaction 2007 conference (aahh I have to print out and read the other papers yet!). I am hoping to be able to put together my slide presentation today and tomorrow. It is the first time I have presented a paper at a conference and the first time I have thought to use slides. I think I will use Slideshare or Zentation. Not sure which yet.
Finally tomorrow is Benyamin's birthday. Two years old and a joy to behold. Yiippee!

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Luar said...

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