Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Next Six Months

What am I doing?
I am working on:
1. A paper for the 3M conference in Stockholm in September. My abstract "Prefacing Interaction: Copyright and Remix in Online Digital Literature" was accepted and now I have to write it.
2. I have started writing an outline for a course I will be teaching in the Spring Term 2008. Under the brilliant guidance of Pat Shrimpton (now retiring!!) it was called British Realia; examining the culture and institutions of the British Isles. I have ambitions to develop a Commonwealth of English module, looking at how English and cultural institutions have spread beyond the British Isles and have developed lives of their own. I plan to concentrate on Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa. However, it is only a small course so I should be careful about what I try to fit in. I think I will stick to a list of four or five institutions and follow some of their threads about the Commonwealth.
3. The HUMlab Island in Second Life. I have not yet ventured into SL since being back in Sweden but I need to soon. I was taking a critical eye to the architecture around me while I was travelling and I have a rough idea of what might suit the island in terms of structures. I need to make some drawings.
4. The HUMlab wiki. This is going to be a learning experience. HUMlab needs a wiki and I am going to build one.

Along with two chapters for my thesis this is is the plan for the next six months of my life. Busy times ahead.

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