Friday, July 13, 2007

Because its Friday Downstreams

The first Friday back from travels. Summer is in full swing again after a month of Australian winter. I will be from now on recommending not just downloads (hence the tag 'Downstreams') but all types of online media artifacts of interest each Friday. As I go through my RSS and email for the last month I am finding a lot of stuff to put here so....

Daniel Higgs (Lungfish)
I read about Dan in this month's Wire magazine and was affected by his knowledge and attitude. This is a recording of him playing electric harmonium over a telephone to Brown University student radio BSR88 (check out their archive while you are on the site).

Joe Musgrove
I have known Joe for quite a while (since the early 1990s). He has evolved into a perveyor of intense drone psychedelic soundscapes peforming in numerous incarnations (Biffplex, Flew Creeking, Diaspora). Here are some pieces by Joe:

Excerpt from the new CD "In The Valley Everyday There Is A Window Broken"

Live performance at "Fair Laundrette" in Brisbane Australia February 2007

Joe Musgrove - music for solo turntable (July2003)

Lots of other goodies are available for download at the Half/Theory site--- get in there!

Contempoaray Chinese Experimental Music
When I spent a few days in Hong Kong on the way to and back from Oz I was very taken by the place. I like Hong Kong...a lot! While there I visited White Noise Records and purchased two Buddha Machines and a handful of local sounds. I did not even know what the CDs were I just asked for recomendations from the man at the counter and walked away with 8 CDs. I will be working my way through them over the next few weeks. I include here ten pieces of Contempoaray Chinese Experimental Music from the UBUWEB site.

Filmmaker: Matsuo Ohno
Running time: 102 minutes
Year: 1973

Taj Mahal Travellers, a psychedelic-rock group that played lengthy improvised jams that can be summarized in three principles: a Far-eastern approach to music as a living organism, an intense electronic processing of instruments and voices, a semi-mathematical overlapping of frequencies. Basically: LaMonte Young on acid. Taj Mahal Travellers was on the road between 1971 and 1972, traveling in a Volkswagen minibus from Holland to the Taj Mahal itself. Two albums were made out of that experience.

Fursaxa: Freedom
Fursaxa is the musical outlet of Tara Burke, who is also involved in Anahita, Tau Emerald, and The Valerie Project. Gentle trance from the alchemy of wood.

The Birthday Party Interview
Singer Nick Cave and guitarist Rowland S. Howard are interviewed and demos for two songs that would appear on 1981's 'Prayers on Fire' album are heard—"Figure of Fun" in full and "Yard" in part.

Brightblack Morning Light: Everybody Daylight

Slow down and enjoy the play of light upon the leaves as the breeze moves gently through the trees.


James McGovern said...

FYI. The final list for 2K Bloggers is out. You should make this your next blog entry...

Anonymous said...

Daniel Higgs and Asa Osborne are having their exhibition from March 14th to April 26th at the mfoldgallery. Please come in and see the great works. Go to this website to see some of the images:

mountain fold
55 Fifth Ave 18th Flr
New York, NY 10003
Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 1 to 7pm