Friday, July 27, 2007

Because its Friday Downstreams

This week went fast...really I barely noticed it was Friday until about an hour ago. So here are some media goodies from the vastness of cyberspace:

Liberation (2005)
A video collage in the style of the Guerrilla News Network that examines how we in the postindustrial west live as a society;
The western 'way of life' is at the cost of too much waste; The war in Iraq is about economic control and oil. This military war will not be won. The people are not being liberated, what is going to happen ?

Not a cheerful topic but an important one. This video is well produced with a great soundtrack and you can download it (8.1 MB).

William Burroughs on French television (1990)
This is an interesting interview although it is overdubbed in French you can make out what Burroughs is saying underneath. A sort of collage/cutup that gives it a depth. For those who speak French (not me)..non problem. Burroughs speaks a lot about his life as a nomad; living and travelling in North, Middle and South America, North Africa and Europe. Includes an interview with Paul Bowles and footage of a long haired Brion Gysin (speaking French) is also included.

Hidria Spacefolk: Kaneh Bosm and HDRSF-1: Author's edition - their first EP
Hidria Spacefolk is a Finnish folk-influenced progressive / psychedelic rock band. The group's space rock sound is often compared to Kingston Wall and Ozric Tentacles. The band uses many different instruments such as cello, violin, flute, didgeridoo, marimba, mandolin, sitar and vibraphone.

Grong Grong - Mosman Hotel Sydney 7th October 1984 (43 MB)
Salamander Jim - Chevron Hotel 3rd June 1985 (45MB)
This week I discovered the Black Eye Records Jukebox Blog:

Black Eye Records Jukebox: The purpose of this Blog is to share some MP3's from the legendary Black Eye Records, Aberrant and Gracelands music scene from Sydney Australia from the mid to late 80's.

It was a magic time in Australian music. Although I only made it to Sydney in 1991 for the first time, I and my circle listened hard to the products of the Black Eye; Lubricated Goat; Thug, Grong Grong, Salamander Jim, The Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, The Scientists, Feedtime, Monroes Fur and Box the Jesuit to name a few. Many Mp3s from these groups are available on the Black Eye Records Jukebox.

Rainbow Family of Living Light
This is music from the "2003 Rainbow Family Circus and Tribal Zoo" CDs compiled by Tenali from recordings made at the rainbow family gathering of the tribes that took place in Utah for a time around the 4th of July, 2003 where people came together by many paths for a time becoming one in harmony celebrating love in spirit manifesting visions of peace and healing our mother earth.

mushroom ceremony of the mazatec indians of Mexico (folkways, 1957)
Folkways Records FR 8975, this is a US pressing of the impossible to find "Mushroom Ceremony Of the Mazatec Indians Of Mexico" This recording, made by Gordon Wasson in 1956, attempts to chronicle a religious ceremony involving the ingestation of psychedelic mushrooms by Indians who are attempting to communicate with the Divine Spirit. Lots of wild, hallucinatory chanting and the like, which might even appeal to fans of phonetic sound poems or dadaist utterings. Another unusual historical document that only Folkways would have released. The originals came out in 1957 with a blue cover and this press has the tan cover from 1966.

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