Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Two Weeks in Two Days

SoundLAB Edition IV "memoryscapes" is planned to be launched on 13 October 2006 and I am on it (yeee ha...Its been a too quiet summer for music for me).
Apart from that, the last two days have been deep in the world (whirl) of the PhD folk. These people should get paid more as they work so hard. DIRN 06 was great, amazing mixture of researchers and practicioners. I finally got to meet Jill Walker, plus see Patrik H again and meet T L Taylor. Of course Patrik S is always good value as we say in Australia.
Today we had panel sessions where we spent all day listening to each others WIP. As Peter said, it is amazing that so many people can be working in similar fields but have such different approaches and sources in their work. I got a lot of good advice and content over the two days. Now I just have to apply it.
Tomorrow I have 24 hours to finish my thesis plan, post it to my supervisor and then on Thursday it is off to 24 hours of solid planning for HUMlab.

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