Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Review Translation

A friend sent me a link to a review of a disc we played on together. The review is in Norwegian so he asked if I may be able to help with a translation. With a lot of help from Erika I managed to get somethng down that may convey some of the orginal. Here it is in English:

Ugh! In Mara’s Glove is 40 minutes in delirious ecstasy from the Australian wilderness captured in a spontaneous fellowship between a garden hose, a necromancer and an ancient Mayan emperor. Here they have packed an assortment of psychedelic goodies in their sack, tied a didgeridoo on the lid and left the village to seek the sun god in a place in the outback as oracles and beyond contact with the outside world.

6majik9 (or Majik as they also call themselves) comprise members of, among others, Terracid and the Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, but let me say this only once; In Mara’s Glove is one of the best I have heard from this perimeter. The family lineage to this bastard band is clearly audible, but Michael Donnelly & Co has on this occasion struck a sensible balance between the mystical and the mythological that is currently so popular and hypnotizes so many, more cast in the cosmic house, between invocations of nature gods and giving honour to primitive ecstatic dance. There is nothing wrong with abstract nature based music – not on the whole, actually, but I am especially weak when tribal rhythms are used to a certain degree. In a clear sense here 6majik9 reminds me more of Sunburned Hand of the Man and the No-Neck Blues Band in the way they usually feature hand drums or other rhythm instruments than they do with their other bands. Take for example the didgeridoo-standard pulse on “Solar Kernel Seals” which lies behind the always living, organic myriad of layers that’s builds, brakes and develops here.

The disc is a re-release from Foxglove which said it best with; "Space shanty rhythms collide with tribal folk dirges to create true cosmic wreckage... welcome to fucking oz."

In Mara’s Glove is a very limited release so hopefully this short description can awaken temptation, for you have to know your appointment. The sun also rises in that wilderness.
- Bjørn Hammershaug, 08.11.2005

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