Friday, March 11, 2005

Media Blackout by Michael Wilson (C-level)

I have been a big fan of the C-Level collective since I listened and met Brody Condon at Next Wave Festival in Melbourne last year. Today has announced their commissioned works for 2005. Among them is Media Blackout by Michael Wilson of the C-level collective. Detourment, appropriation and manipulation of signs and symbols, which are today so oblique as to be part of our simulated identities, are cast back at us in Media Blackout. This is a 3D game environment:

"in which the player is confronted with corporate interests, religious fundamentalism and military aggression through the deliberate manipulations of corporate media. Surrounded by media noise, government propaganda, spectacular phenomena and a sea of oil, the player’s character attempts to maintain psychological resistance and ultimately transcend the media threat – escaping 'corporatized consciousness'."

Game as political art....Thus we expand.

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