Friday, March 11, 2005

Fat Possum Blues

The night before last I was unwinding from the day by a favorite method: some mindless TV before sleep (helps empty my head). I was lucky enough to catch most of a documentary called "You See Me Laughin'", the story of the amazing Fat Possum Records label and the group of blues musicians they have assembled from the northern hills of Mississippi. Performers such as R L Burnside, Asie Payton (RIP), Junior Kimbrough and Johnny Farmer.
All of these men are still playing except for the great Asie Payton who died in the field (literally...plowing one) and are in their 70's and 80's. They represent a tradition that goes way back, of the house party musician who made what they could when they could from music but were field hands or farm laborers most of the time. In the documentary they speak of lives of great passion and suffering, in short The Blues.
This film will be repeated twice this weekend on SVT2

1:a Repeat, Saturday 12th March kl.00.50,
2:a Repeat, Sunday 13th March kl.12.15

I recommend it absolutely.

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