Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Random Visual Narrative

Grafik Dynamo is "a net art work by Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippett that loads live images from blogs and news sources on the web into a live action comic strip. The work is currently using a feed from LiveJournal. The images are accompanied by narrative fragments that are dynamically loaded into speech and thought bubbles and randomly displayed." From the Site

The chance meeting of a sentence and an image on an internet website seems to be a current point of form in web art. The new Grafik Dynamo, a work funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts reminds me of Understanding Vorn and I'm sure we will see more of this Exquisite Corpse style random juxtaposition and the new texts it provides. With a library the size of the internet and every image changeable it begs for it.

This random visual narrative sees a Game as Art create a Narrative that in its first component forms had but the most distant relation (being a LiveJournal feed and on the Net). Their joining in a Roy Liechtenstein-ish blue spot comic strip visual space (a pre-digital meeting place for juxtaposition: Ghost who walks, man who cannot die, talking ducks, Silver surfers.. etc. etc.) is enough to make a new the parts as one and then we the viewer are left to understand. It is interesting how they always seem to mean something...."They Are Splendid!"

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