Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Poetics of Security: Skateboarding, Urban Design, and the New Public Space

I found an essay by Ocean Howell from 2001 this week on the politics of space in inner city environments. Using the often marginalised activity of skateboarding as a method of textual intervention Howell reads the space of central San Francisco determining intention over actual public use. For me it builds interesting connections between how meaning is imposed through spatial design principles.
It has been a good week for spatial theory as I also was recommended and bought a copy of Giuliana Bruno's Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film (2002) which in my brief reading so far seems to deal well with the mapping of "the technologies of the visible". The text is divided into six sections: Architecture, Travel, Geography, Art of Mapping, Design, and House.

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