Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fatta Festival 05

A busy boy once again. Lets make a summary:

1. Reading:
Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens (1844), plus much more in bits and pieces.
Something choice from Dickens: "Listen to the promptings of nature and not to the siren-like delusions of art"..well on to some art I say:

2. Preparing:
It is almost here!!!! Fatta Festival 05 opens on Feb at the Bild Museet Umeå. This will be a great week of music, film, story telling, art and performance. I am playing a few times.

3. Working on:
Several projects some of which cannot be spoken of quite yet. However one exciting piece of news is that the group I belong to based (geo-spatially)in Australia, made up of cultural desperadoes and maverick psychic artist is to be included in a compilation by the American Label DCbaltimore. Called The Pincher, it will be 60 songs in 60 minutes and features such musical powers as Acid Mothers Temple, the Microwaves, Kinski, Xiu Xiu and Volcano the Bear. WOW!!!

More soon....

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