Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Moonshake and Hit the Ground Running

I am writting this at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm...I've been back in Sweden about 2 hours (enough time for a sauna and a sandwich) and it feels great returning to the cool and active north. The first thing that hit me was the next Moonshake festival:

4 December 2004, 18-01
Ö Strandgatan 32, Umeå
18 år/80 kr. Endast förköp!
Biljetter kommer att säljas på
Burmans musik och Garageland Records, samt på Konsthögskolan
och i Hörsalsrundan (Samhällsvetarhuset)

This is going to be wild as it is to be held at the Umeå University Arts School and the headlining band (of five or six to play) is none other than Finnish psych improv sensation Avarus.....I am jumping up and down with the excitment. Email me if anyone needs details, a place to stay in umeå or help with tickets....

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