Saturday, November 13, 2004


No blogging recently and none for the next two days. I am about to board a plane for the long flight to fly to Australia and although I have several hours in Hong Kong airport where they had (last time I was there) free internet, Ill see if anything interesting happens in the many hours in between here and there. Very much depends on whom I sit next to I suppose.
Since Thursday I have been in the sphere of Howard Rheingold and it has been most enjoyable. Actually the last few days in and around HUMlab have been great with visitors from Holland, Germany and Finland for Blogwalk and then a seminar and a workshop from Howard.
Apart from my high interest in Howard's work in his watching the techno-flock and what these smart mobs will do next with the ever diversifying and more powerful tools available, and his studies on the dynamics of collective action and cooperation, he is also a really interesting cultural figure in himself.
His stories about his own experiences with cultural figures that I have admired and read about since I was a teenager were great. As I continue working in cyberculture I am becoming more and more drawn to the idea of a visit to San Francisco...
Long Live Howardism!!!!

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