Sunday, November 14, 2004

Diwali and the reason of memory

I have fifteen minutes before they close the "courtesy internet" here at Hong Kong airport. Things seem to be changing here in HK since the handback to China: connections slower, security tighter, pages not available for view. But i've only been here 30 mins so who knows really.
When I few into London it was a beautiful clear night and the carpet lights of the huge metropolis were sprinkled everywhere with the constant sparkle of fireworks.. Green red orange blue. It was an amazing sight. Having been so immersed in the literature of the 16-18th centuries these last few months I immediately thought of Guy Fawkes night and filled my head with images of the catholic plot and then these unfolded to the vast literary history of the city.
HOWEVER when I asked one of the flight attendants what the fireworks were for he answered: "It Diwali" the Hindu New Year's the world is changing.

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