Thursday, October 14, 2004

In the Style of Pepys

Arose early but felt myself unrested. This however lifted with the taking of coffee and breads with my good wife as the sun fell pleasantly upon our little kitchen. Answered mail before taking the offspring to his day centre where they were commencing an excursion into the surrounding woods, a most stimulating undertaking for the young as the woods are beautiful this time of year. Such colours!
I continued with my correspondence following the departure of the young master of the house. Among them was to be found a letter from New Zealand, one of the former colonies of the realm. From a young artist who is interested by and is working in the field of digital texts as means for instruction:
Following correspondence I repaired to my office where I finished the annotation for my bibliography of text used in the proceeding months in my studies on the Renaissance. An uplifting scholarly time it was. I took luncheon with my wife in one of the student cafeterias; I ate a delightful salad sandwich on brown bread and took a quart of juice.
After this I bid farewell to my wife as she is attending instruction also at the university and I proceeded to the library where I spent almost an hour searching for books concerning the next portion of my studies; the Restoration and the Seventeenth Century. I began immediately to read The Diary of Samuel Pepys Vol.1 and am still feeling its influence as I type....Now to bed.(I wonder if I should wear the grand skirt and the shoes with the silver buckles tomorrow, I should not have eaten that second duck in lard)

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