Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Guerrilla News Network

The crew at Guerrilla News Network ar not only advance hosting the latest video by recently out-of-the-closet-activist Eminem (nice one Marshal)but they have also begun multi-media blog hosting server which seems to be free. It has the ability to host video,text, and images without charge. Taken from the website:

"Welcome to the beta launch of GNN 2.0, the new citizen news network. In the coming days, we will be turning over the site to you, our loyal users. The new site will allow you to create your own home page, publish a blog, write full-length articles, publish your own photo essays, and participate in collaborative, ongoing investigations. You'll also be able to create networks of like-minded "friends" to blast your news to. Most importantly, the media revolution will now be in your hands. Guerrillas will decide what is news, and what isn't - with the emphasis on producing original, thought-provoking content. The more you contribute, the more of a voice you will have on GNN 2.0."

I think this is very interesting in light of what I posted below about the nature of journalism in light of Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire. Interesting times.......

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