Wednesday, February 11, 2004

It has been three days now since returning from the wilds of Jokkmokk but I'm still feeling tired. Slowly I regain wakefullness, it will be sometime around Friday that I feel 100% again I think.
That said, it was a fantastic experience! Meeting new friends and learning so much about music and in conection to the Moblogging project, about technology. To travel with friends from university and introdue them to the friends I have in Jokkmokk was great as it joined two previously seperate portions of my life. I suppose that is what the Blog did in effect, perhaps more so as it was viewed by people I know in Australia, the United States and Europe.
As I move on in the field of Information and Technology I see so many examples of the metaphor of weaving: the weaving of narrative threads, the weaving together of points of reference, the weaving together of people and ideas.
I suppose thats why they call it the web???

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