Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Although I intended to continue with the review of the concert last weekend I will write now about the presentation I made at University today of what I learnt yesterday was actually my masters thesis. I did not realise that it was such due to.....I'm not sure??...I thought it was the final completion of my undergraduate studies in Sweden but because I already have a Bachelor of Arts degree [Journalism and Asian Studies University of Southern Queensland 1988-90] from Australia I have now therefore obtained the equivalent of a masters degree. It was great to be able to present the results of five months work to people (admittedly a small group) who were interested in the subject. Something I got back from the experience was perceiving the edges of my knowledge...I can be comfortable explaining some term or concept and then the wall hits and the point is reached where more work is needed on my part. This did not really effect the presentation but there where a few points I had to hold back on due to uncertainty of knowledge. I think a doctoral research post could change all this (if anyone from the faculty happens to be reading) and after five years of reading, writing and study I probably could speak about the Kantian concept of the sublime, chonotope and cybertexts in dialogic relation without having to pause for breath let alone absolute blinding doubt (I wonder if my spelling will improve also...perhaps a miracle could be arranged somewhere along the line as well) ......there are a couple of photos here and there should be a streamed video of the event online soon (will post address soon)......So next......well there is something very exciting on the horizon....I have to dig out my fur-lined Sámi boots and leather pants (not fur-lined unfortunatly) ready to head north soon........Jokkmokk here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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