Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Virtual Worlds, Machinima and Cooperation over Borders

This presentation demonstrates that cooperation over borders is possible between individuals and groups dispersed over space using online three-dimensional virtual worlds. This cooperation occurs in the production of art, research, teaching and learning, and performance as well as in building social, professional and personal contexts. The borders that are crossed are geopolitical, linguistic, generational, spatial and embodied. Throughout the various ruptures offered by virtual world technology, a sense and understanding of place is required for cooperation in order to maintain coherence for the interlocutors and to be able to meet, talk, build, write, perform and exchange. In this talk, I will use examples of machinima - videos made using screen-capture software on computers, to film places and avatar actors in virtual worlds - to demonstrate how these environments can offer places for cooperation.
Tomorrow seminar at Stockholms universitetsbibliotek (kl 12.00-17.00), Växthuset for Initiativ för ett Kulturens Europa "En digital kultur i rörelse" Twitter: #DigiCultEU

The full program for "En Digital Kultur i Rörelse" is here.

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