Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Place of Play

On Saturday I will be conducting a mixed reality performance, 'A Place of Play' between the new HUMlab X at the just opened arts campus at Umeå University and in Second Life (image above). It will be at 11.30 - 11.50 and 13.30 - 13.50 and anyone is welcome to attend. To log in to Second Life download the program and teleport to the coordinates from this link My short abstract from the program for the Arts Campus Open Day is:

James Barrett is a researcher and teacher in HUMlab working with digital narrative and the spatial. James’s presentation at the opening of HUMlab X will focus on the dimensions of digital space. As an avatar Jim will perform in the virtual world of Second Life while performing in the space of HUMlab X at the same time. The performance will consist of live music and a screen running Second Life.
I hope to see you in HUMlab X or in Second Life on Saturday.

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