Monday, November 22, 2010

Where I go for music:

Mp3 Blogs (from the same people who do the wonderful mag;

The Best Radio stations on the web (run by the London Musicians Collective, always excellent) (you may know WFMU, amazing station, they run the free music archive; (from hometown Brisbane) (from Sydney) (possible the best radio station in Australia)

My recommended downloads

Take it easy


Anonymous said...

Nice list!

If you like Mutant Sounds you would probably also like The Brain

I also recoomend the live music archives at

Jim Barrett said...

Thanks for the tip on The Brain. I use to post my own music online, the link for that is on the right under the title My Downloads 4 U

Terry Kattleman said...

Re radio, I can't recommend too highly the Avant-Garde channel on AccuJazz.

Ben said...

I listened to a little Keith Jarrett today. I got into him a few months back and have borrowed a few cds from from the Brisbane City Council Library (Jazz cds are so expensive).

I have been listening to music in the last week at and I have taken a few suggestions from