Monday, November 08, 2010

Olle Essviks exhibition: "Den store retrospektiven 1984-2010"

On Friday Galleri Maskinen in Umeå opens with Olle Essviks exhibition: "Den store retrospektiven 1984-2010" from 18:00-21:00

Olle Essvik has exhibited in many parts of the world and now he is here in Umeå. His artwork and curating is based in new-media art and he has previously been nominated at Ars Electronica for his work.

Here is an article about him at ""

The following is a text about the exhibition in Maskinen:

The Great Retrospective (1984-2110)

This exhibition consists of sculptures and objects that make up a kind of retrospective of the events in my life, but also a prospective with items that were the basis of ideas about what is to come. My works depict everyday existential questions and ruminations about life in a humorous way, but often with a black undertone. In many of the pieces combine computer programming with organic materials such as wood and paper sculptures and books.

Olle Essvik is an artist who is based in Gothenburg and received a Masters of Fine Arts from the Art Academy 2006th He also works under the name JimPalt when he creates video games and artwork for the Internet. For more info see:

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