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Professional filmmaker looking for Machinima films

Professional filmmaker looking for Machinima films

I am a Swedish artist and filmmaker who is making a full-length documentary film about a boy from Kosovo who I have worked with for 8 years. The film is being made with the support of the Swedish Film Institute and the national Swedish Television (SVT).

The film will be 80% documentary material, raw, close and sensitive. 10% will be real archive material from the war in Kosovo. 5% of the film will be drawings showing things this boy has told me. Around 5% of the film will be machinima material of how he, at the time a 4-year-old boy, saw the war; the UCK guerrilla warfare, the ethic cleansing, the bombing of the mosques and churches, the families escaping through the forest and the horrible situation in the refugee camps.

When Gzim was 4 years old he lived in the poor countryside in Kosovo. After a massacre in a village close to them, the family fled to Macedonia to a refugee camp there. From there they came to Norway and the Sweden. This is when I started to film him. Now the family is back in Kosovo and the boy is 16. In my film the trauma of his childhood will haunt him in his dreams. This will partly be shown as machinima films.

So for my film I need three about 30 second machinima segments. Dream sequences centred on the flight of a 4 year old boy with his family through the war in rural Kosovo.

(The segments should have as high quality as possible. The film is shoot on DVCAM and miniDV. Aspect ratio is 16:9.)

I want the machinima films to show how a four-year-old boy saw the war from up close. Hiding in a barn, hiding in the forest, running trough the forest at night in the rain, being witness to killing and rape, hiding and seeing small farms being set on fire by soldiers in the night. Seeing crows eating from corpses. Raining, the fear of being found, escaping over the border, ending up in a totally crowded refugee camp with hundreds of other traumatized and hungry people.

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