Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blub Blub 3-D Animation By David Krantz

Blub Blub is a site-specific 3D animation by the artist David Krantz. We find ourselves in a future reality in which man is only a memory. Norrlands Opera and Umeå have all flooded by a huge tidal wave. Fish and other sea creatures swimming around in the now quiet opera ruins.

The work can be seen as a contribution to the environmental debate, but equally well as an adventure inspired by Jules Verne. 3D glasses offered on site.

David Krantz, living in Malmo, has long developed its own special 3D technology. He builds animation on the basis of the world we live in.

The artist is present at the opening. Part of the MADE festival.

Time: Wed 05/05 19.00 - Opening!
LOCATION: White Cube, Norrlands Opera House, Umeå

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